Foto: Patrick Lux
  • Born 1973 in Hamburg, Germany
  • Languages: German (native), English (fluent)
  • Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Who I am

I am a digital publishing and digital journalism specialist. I started to work in journalism in 1994 and have been a digital editor and publisher since 1999. I have worked for publishers and companies and also started my own publications and launched other digital endeavors.

I am very versatile because I am interested in and passionate about a lot of topics around content. That includes the planning and drafting of content, its publication and spreading as well as its continuous improvement over time.

My interests go beyond the written word and encompass visual and audio media as well. I am also knowledgeable about topics like User Experience, Webdesign, Online Marketing and the like.

In other words: I am a one-person cross-media, cross-plattform digital publishing house.

Experience: Publisher

  • Founder and one of the publishers of UPLOAD Magazin, a monthly digital magazine for people using the Internet as a professional tool:
  • We publish in-depth articles, ebooks, videos and video courses

Experience: Managing Editor

  • 2008 to 2012: Managing Editor for the website of t3n Magazin, a highly regarded quarterly print magazine about ebusiness, open source, and other digital topics. I built that team from scratch and worked with colleagues, freelancers, and specialized companies to improve our numbers.
  • 2012 to 2014: Managing Editor for gadget blog “neuerdings”, the largest independent blog of its kind in the German market at that time with around 1.5 million page views a month.

What that means for you: Because of my experiences as Publisher and Managing Editor I know how to find and work with external writers, plan content, measure success and work in the boundaries of a budget.

Experience: (Digital) Journalist

  • 1994 to 1999: Started my career as an intern at a local newspaper in Mecklenburg, northeastern Germany. It was owned by one of the major publishers in Germany, Burda Media, at that time. Formal apprenticeship from 1997 to 1999.
  • 1999 to 2008: Online Editor and Digital Content Consultant at a web agency in Schwerin, Mecklenburg
  • since 1999: Several websites and other digital publishing experiments of my own including blogs, ebooks, videos and more.
  • 2006: Started “UPLOAD Magazin” as a publication about digital publishing (see above)
  • since 2014: Worked for several companies to provide or get content, assure quality control and consult about their content strategy.

What that means for you: I have a formal journalistic training, and also a lot of experience in digital journalism and digital publishing. I know how to find the right topics and how to translate them into compelling content for the target audience.

Specialist Knowledge Beyond Journalism

  • WordPress: I can start my own website from scratch.
  • Online Marketing: I use Search Engine Optimisation, Online Ads, Social Media Marketing and others to advertise my own projects.
  • Analytics and Monitoring: I am familiar with tools like Google Analytics to track and analyze the success of projects and content.
  • Layout and Design: I used to build my own WordPress themes. I leave that to experts now, but I am still familiar with that topic and can improve and change little things myself. I also design the covers of UPLOAD Magazin.
  • Content Strategy: This field is highly interesting to me because it connects many topics I know a lot about or that I am passionate about: content, marketing, user experience, content management.
  • Video and Photo: I have been an avid photographer almost all my life. I also got into video during my work as Managing Editor of t3n from 2008 to 2012. I have been doing videos for my own projects and for customers and also published a video course about Instagram for businesses on the platform Udemy.

What that means for you: This specialist knowledge guides my work and helps me to see the bigger picture with every piece of content. I love to write, and I am also very fond of visual media like photography and videos. I also want to make sure that my content reaches its target audience. This is why I have familiarised myself with tools and tactics around online marketing and its different channels and platforms.


I would be happy to use all of my experience to help your company reach its goals. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.